About us



Inside our bar we serve highly appreciated wines that we have hand picked ourselves. We specialize in local wines from neighboring vinyards. Some examples of these wines are Lugana, Soave, Custoza, Bellavista, Prosecco DOCG, Franciacorta Satèn, Valpolicella, Cabernet, Rosso Toscana....





We often have wine tasting evening with the vinyards presenting their wines and telling the history of these wines. 


The bar can also be rented for private events, like business dinners, birthday parties or just an evening alone with friends in a closed atmosphere, served by professionals while you enjoy our freshly prepared food and our excellent selection of drinks.


If you want to reserve an event or discuss the posibilities, please click on the contact tab.



Besides our famous sandwiches which are prepared for you while you wait, we can also prepare you a plate of pasta or richly dressed salads. There is a wide selection of Parma ham, Bresaola, sopressa, mortadella...